Habana Clásica is an International Classical Music Festival held in the beautiful city of Havana, Cuba, that brings world-class musical artists to engage in cultural exchange with the people of Cuba and local musicians under the Artistic Direction of Marcos Madrigal.

Habana Clásica is produced by the Oficina del Historiador de La Habana / UP Patrimonio Cultural / Gabinete de Patrimonio Musical Esteban Salas.

Our festival brings together world renowned soloists and ensembles and, by presenting concerts, masterclasses and spontaneous classical music events in the Plazas of Old Havana, the festival fulfils its goal to promote classical music and to introduce a wide international audience to the Cuban cultural heritage.

The mission of Habana Clásica, therefore, is to fulfill the following objectives:

  • To offer music students of the conservatories of Havana masterclasses in solo repertoire, chamber repertoire, and orchestral repertoire (viola, cello, double bass, piano) – including student conductors.
  • To participate in collaborations with professional Cuban musicians. This includes the visiting artists learning aspects of Cuban musical heritage, meeting with Cuban composers and performing together with local Cuban musicians.
  • To perform in ‘pop-up’ interactive concerts in the plazas of Havana, such as Plaza Vieja, Alameda de Paula, and Plaza de la Catedral. These are short concerts to expose the public around Habana Vieja to a very high level of music-making.
  • To offer first-class chamber music and orchestra concerts in the most beautiful concert halls of Havana.
  • To offer dedicated concerts to disadvantaged people who otherwise would be unable to attend our activities. During our First Edition (2017), our artists performed in a concert for the Elderly Assistance Center of the Convento de Belén. For next year, we plan to offer a concert for the children of the Oncological Hospital of Havana.
  • To find the necessary funds to donate musical instruments to the students of Havana.

Our Festival is not only about “traditional” concerts. By promoting all these activities, we plan to offer our participants and our audience an experience that enables them to be fully immersed in the world of classical music and at the same time to dive into the vibrant culture of Cuba.

The intent is to create an annual institute that models successful international classical music programs that incorporate students from around the world working with musical artists from around the world. The local community will be the focus of efforts to increase the exposure to great artists and music making through all of the educational programs that we plan to offer.

Many artists have already commented that they have played in many places but not Cuba and it is something they would love to experience. Cuba is today going through a period of great change, and they want to be part of that change. We want to provide that opportunity and make a difference through cultural exchange and an atmosphere of learning!